Modernity removed art from daily life and institutionalized it– plucking it from the home and placing it into galleries, museums and cultural institutions. The modernist concept of value correlates with an object’s lack of functionality. Art exists solely for art’s sake. It is valuable precisely because it’s useless. And yet, in modernity’s attempt to decommodify art, to give dignity to life beyond labor, it is also separated from life. The artist is distinguished from the artisan. A bowl, a blanket, a rug, are only deemed art if removed from their domestic context and placed within the white cube. I’m interested in the intersection and re-integration of art, design and craft. 

How is the context of a quilt altered when it’s translated into a painting or a print? Does a tablecloth created for a gallery installation change when it’s then brought into someone’s home and used on their dining room table? Does merely placing an object from the home into a gallery elevate it? Does using an object destroy its value? I aim to question the patriarchal nature of hierarchies of visual practice, in which women are associated with amateurism and domesticism, and men with professionalism.   

My drawings, prints and videos use household objects and patterns as source material. The  “Speed-O-Weave” print series translates patterns from a kitsch, 70’s weaving tool into prints. “Hypnotizer” is a looping video of gelatin molds spinning on a lazy susan. Hand drawn patterns are configured into matrices referencing quilting squares, printed onto paper and tiled into larger works. There is a tension between the handmade and the digital or machine-made that fascinates me– the slowness of the craft in contrast to the quickness of risograph or serigraphy. Labor-saving, yet ultimately obsolete technologies translate the hand made.

Additionally, I often organize creative social activities, frequently centered around food, artmaking and games, to foster community and explore concepts of hospitality and exchange. These participatory projects include MIXT TAPES | MIX TAPES, an installation that includes homemade tapas, wallpaper and textile prints, an editioned mix tape, with a food and song pairings menu insert, a zine with recipes and lyrics, and the opportunity for participants to collaborate on menus and mix tapes; Karaoke Truck, a box truck turned pop-up karaoke lounge featuring DIY videos, PROGI, a series of art-bingo-pierogi dinners that take place in church halls in my Greenpoint, Brooklyn neighborhood, and ZAZAZA, a global pizza conference in Berlin.